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` Welsh Mountain and Welsh Pony Mares

'Nattai Ariel' ~ Bay Welsh Mountain, Arabian Pony Mare
Nattai Ariel seen above with Calca Park Apollo just a few days old
                                                                                           ~ Coed Coch Salsbri
                                            ~  Coed Coch Bari (IMP UK)-----------------------------------------
                                                                                           ~ Coed Coch Swyn
                 ~ Sire : Nattai Martyn  -----------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                           ~ Twyford Maple (IMP  UK)
                                            ~  Nattai Maywyn--------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                           ~ Nattai Mayflower 
 Nattai Ariel         ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                         
                                                                                            ~ Nattai Shon
                                            ~  Nattai Sunorbit--------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                             ~ Nattai Lady Sunlight 2nd
                          ~ Dam : Kent Park Star Fairy--------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                             ~ Nattai Sunlight
                                            ~  Nattai Fairytale---------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                             ~ Nattai Star Fairy

 2004  Beaupark Sebastian (NZ)  Bay Geld by Fairlight Acres Windsine   RP~Exp NewZealand
 2005  Beaupark Melody   Black Filly by Fairlight Acres Exquisite Sec B~Competing successfully 
 2008  Calca Park Annabelle  Chest Filly by Cherrington Damascus  Sec B~Leased to Aldous Family
 2009  Calca Park Ffansi That  Palomino Filly by Owendale Sunstone     Sec A
 2010  Calca Park Amber          Palomino Filly by Owendale Sunstone     Sec A
 2011  Calca Park Apolllo         Buckskin Colt By Owendale Sunstone      Sec A      

Our Super pony, Nattai Ariel apart from her wonderful Nattai breeding and gorgeous foals  is our mainstay
when it comes to handling. A lovely child's pony, at any time she can be relied upon to be saddled up and
ridden by young guests who visit us and the first ride for our granddaughter Scarlette (at eight months) who
yelled when we tried to remove her, Ariel just wasn't fussed. When it comes to weaning time she is our
nursemaid, teaching the young ones with quiet dignity what is and isn't allowed, forward movement, float
loading and rugging. Her gentle nature guides our weaners, a sideways look, flattened ears and  her
relaxed composure tells them there is no need to worry. It was decided to give her a year off so she
was not covered in 2011. Currently out on Lease, being a Child's Leading Rein Pony. enjoying Shows,
Pony Club and Jumping.


   'Yarrandale Fable' ~  Black Welsh Mountain, Arabian Pony Mare

                                                                         ~ Coed Coch Proffwyd (IMP UK)
                                                   ~  Nattai Prophet---------------------------------------
                                                                         ~ Nattai Telstar
                     ~ Sire: Nattai Padern ----------------------------------------------------------
                                                                         ~ Coed Coch Bari (IMP UK)
                                                   ~ Nattai Mefeusen-------------------------------------
                                                                         ~ Nattai Lady Greylight 3rd
 Yarrandale Fable -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                         ~ Nattai Kingsway
                                                   ~ Alcheringa Emperor--------------------------------
                                                                          ~ Nattai Butterfly
                     ~ Dam: Yarrandale Fairytale-------------------------------------------------
                                                                           ~ Nattai Prophet
                                     ~ Nattai Myth--------------------------------------------
                                                                           ~ Alcheringa Fantasy                                        

Yarrandale Fable Progeny : 
 2001   Yarrandale  Applause  Grey Geld    by Weston Fanfare      
 2002   Yarrandale Rhyme       Grey Mare    by Weston Fanfare     
 2010   Calca Park Fay             Black Dilute Filly  by Owendale Sunstone  Retained
 2011   Calca Park San Diego  Palomino  Geld    by Owendale Sunstone  SOLD


Yarrandale Fable seen above with Calca Park Fay her 2010 filly approximately 4 months old.
A Welsh Mountain Mare with plenty of bone, substance and Welsh elegance, with a pedigree
that is Line-bred to Coed Coch Proffwyd (IMP UK) we were delighted to find this mare. Both
her foals by Sunstone show great promise, Fay will be retained and CP San Diego is Sold. 
Yarrandale Fable was sold in foal to Sunstone to Kate Hunt in South Australia, Fable has
foaled a Buckskin Filly born August 2013 who will be named Afon Bambi. Congratulations!
'Owendale Songbird' ~ Chestnut Welsh Mountain Mare
                                                                       ~ Coed Coch Proffwyd (IMP UK)                                                                                    
                                          ~ Nattai Prophet--------------------------------------------------
                                                                       ~ Nattai Telstar
           ~Sire: Nattai Snowdonia----------------------------------------------------------------                      
                                                                       ~ Coed Coch Bari (IMP UK)                
                                           ~ Nattai Snowball------------------------------------------------
                                                                       ~ Nattai Snowflake
Owendale Songbird  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                       ~ Revel Janus              
                                           ~ Baledon Diplomat (IMP UK)--------------------------------                                                                                    
                                                                        ~ Baledon Dinah                                                       
            ~Dam: Owendale Melodi ----------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                        ~ Revel Playsome (IMP UK)
                                          ~ Radnor Serenade-----------------------------------------------
                                                                        ~ Twyford Snuff (IMP UK)
Introducing our new mare Owendale Songbird an attractive chestnut with a large blaze
 and hind socks who glides across her paddock with wonderful welsh action.
Songbird is beautifully bred, her sire Nattai Snowdonia a grandson of Coed Coch Bari (IMP UK)
 and Coed Coch Proffwyd (IMP UK) crossed with the lovely Nattai maresTelstar and Snowflake.
Also Songbird is the first foal out of Owendale Melodi who is a full sister to  Radnor Sandstone
our Stallion's sire,  strenghing the lines of Baledon Diplomat (IMP UK), Revel Playsome(IMP UK)
 and Twyford Snuff (IMP UK).


'Arielen Willow' ~  Grey(Born Palomino) Welsh Section B, Arabian Pony Mare

                                                                                               ~ Downland Krugerrand
                                                           ~ Sianwood Silvermine--------------------------------------
                                                                                               ~ Cennen Galena
                       ~ Sianwood Silversmith (IMP UK)-----------------------------------------------------
                                                                                               ~ Pennwood El Dorado
                                                            ~ Abercrychan Antonia-------------------------------------
                                                                                               ~ Abercrychan Novella
  Arielen Willow--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                                ~ Coed Coch Saled
                                                             ~ Coed Coch Gwyndaf (IMP UK)------------------------
                                                                                                 ~ Coed Coch Glenda
                       ~ Cardross Swyn-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                                 ~ Coed Coch Barrog
                                                             ~ Coed Coch Rhadol (IMP UK)---------------------------
                                                                                                 ~ Coed Coch Tarian

Arielen Willow's progeny :
 2009   Calca Park Windsor    Palomino Gelding             By Cherrington Damascus     
 2010   Calca Park Willomena Grey (born Chestnut) Filly   By Cherrington Damascus  SOLD to Queensland    
 2011   Calca Park Wizard       Chestnut Roan  Colt             By Cherrington Damascus      
An attractive mare, Arielen Willow is seen above in paddock condition with her new-born filly
Willomena in 2010 just after a rainshower. With impressive bloodlines, her sire Sianwood
Silversmith(IMP UK) is a son of Abercrychan Antonia, one of Sianwood Stud's foundation
Mares in the UK and sired by Sianwood  Silvermine a Winner of  Ridden Section B  at the
Royal Welsh Show. Arielen Willow's Dam, Cardross Swyn is a full sister to Cardross Myfanwy
(the dam of Woranora Mosaic) with the Coed Coch bloodlines of Gwyndaf (IMP UK) and Rhadol
(IMP UK) - a mare brought as a weanling at the famous Coed Coch Stud Dispersal Sale. From a
family of performance ponies Arielen Willow is a full sister to three Champion Leading Rein Ponies~
Langtree Sugar & Spice, Langtree Snippets and Langtree Simon Says. Also a half sister to Arielen
Lydia, Arielen Romance, Arielen Lucinda, Arielen in Dreams and Arielen Anwyled. We have been
delighted with her foals by Cherrington Damascus ~Future Leading Rien Stars~ we hope.
Covered by Weston Park Mercury our new Resident Stallion for a foal in September 2013.


      'Foxmoor Figigli' ~ Bay  Welsh Section B, Arabian Pony mare

                                                                                 ~  Coed Coch Blaen Lleuad
                                                             ~  Chirk Grogan--------------------------------------------
                                                                                 ~  Chirk Heather
                          ~ Weston Gigli (IMP UK)--------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                 ~  Kirby Cane Shuttlecock
                                                             ~  Revel Glimpse-------------------------------------------
                                                                                 ~  Revel Gorse
 Foxmoor Figigli      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                  ~  Pennwood Mujib
                                                              ~  Pennwood Bodine (IMP UK) -------------------------
                                                                                          ~ Shimpling Madonna
                                         ~ Dalmarron Marcella-----------------------------------------------------
                                                                                  ~  Laithe Hill Zircon (IMP UK)
                                                               ~  Dalmarron Megan------------------------------------
                                                                                  ~ Boomerang Venus.

Foxmoor Figigli Progeny :   All section B  
1999      Talbot Lodge Chance        Bay Geld             by Woranora Matador                      
2001      Talbot Lodge  Autumn Glow  Palomino Mare  by Berwyn Belvoir                        
2003      Wynara Truffle                  Chestnut Mare     by Salient Master Bronze             
2004      Wynara Muffin                  Bay Mare             by Salient Master Bronze             
2005      Wynara Florentine            Chestnut Mare     by Salient Master Bronze             
2006      Wynara Delight                 Bay Mare             by Salient Master Bronze             
2007      Wynara Sugar Plum          Bay Mare            by Salient Master Bronze              
2008      Calca Park Foxtrot            Bay Geld             by Cherrington Damascus            
2010      Calca Park Footloose       Chestnut Colt      by Cherrington Damascus           
2011      Calca Park Faith               Bay Filly               by Cherrington Damascus             
At nineteen years young Foxmoor Figigli is seen with her bay filly foal Calca Park Faith
at foot in 2011. A delightful mare she is from Weston Gigli (IMP UK) last foal crop and out of a
Pennwood Bodine (IMP UK) mare Dalmarron Marcella, Foxmoor Figigli is a half sister to
Foxmoor Fanfare (South Australian Riding Pony 2004), Eljay Llewellyn, Rivington Marcelina,
Kerulen Miracle, Kerulen Masala, Kerulen Black Opal, Kerulen Brynack and Kerulen Branigan.
Foxmoor Figigli's progeny have excelled under saddle, Champion Performers and  excellent
child ponies. Foxmoor Figigli, is in foal to Weston Park Mercury due in October 2013.



'Myscal Ladybird' ~ Bay Welsh Section B Mare

                                                                                        ~ Downland Romance  
                                                                                 ~ Downland Mohawk----------------------------------
                                                                                                                ~ Downland Water Gypsy  
                                                    ~ Downland Warrior (IMP UK)----------------------------------------------
                                                                                                                ~ Downland Chevalier
                                                                                  ~ Downland Moonwalk-------------------------------
                                                                                                                ~ Mere Fire Myth
                     Myscal Ladybird-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                                                ~ Downland Mandarin
                                                                                   ~ Hever Noble  (IMP UK)----------------------------
                                                                                                                ~ Hever Guinevere
                                                      ~ Myscal First lady-----------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                                                ~ Kirreway Play-Fair
                                                                                   ~ Weston Celia-----------------------------------------
                                                                                                                ~ Weston Chanel

  Myscal Ladybird Progeny :
2006   Burnewang Misty Rose (Dec) Bay Fiily     by Mirinda Lord of the Mist      
2007   Myscal Noble Lord    Chestnut Geld   by Mirinda Lord of the Mist       (Reg.Pend)
2009   Calca Park Fair Lady    Bay Filly   by Cherrington Damascus   SOLD to Sandy Ryan     
2010   Calca Park Lady Rose  Bay Filly   by Cherrington Damascus        
2011   Calca Park Lady Jade  Buckskin filly by Owendale Sunstone            

Myscal Ladybird is a most impressivly bred mare, seen above with 2011 filly Calca Park Jade
when just 5 weeks old this mare has beautiful movement. She is by Downland Warrior
(IMP UK) from Myscal First Lady who carries the blood lines of Weston Choice (IMP UK),
Weston Olympian and Weston Gigli (IMP UK). Add to this the cross with Hever Noble (IMP UK)
bringing the blood lines of Downland Chevalier and Coed Coch Madog and you can see why
we are excited about the prospects of breeding this mare to Weston Park Mercury.
Myscal Ladybird is due to foal in October 2013.


'Owendale Angel'  ~  Chestnut Welsh Section B, Arabian Pony Mare

                                                                                       ~ Downland Chevalier
                                                             ~ Downland Mandarin---------------------- -----------
                                                                                       ~ Coed Coch Gold Mair
                          ~ Baughurst William of Orange (IMP UK)-------------------------------------
                                                                                       ~ Tanlan Julius Caesar
                                                             ~ Shimpling Enchante----------------------------------
                                                                                       ~ Godolphin Marguerite
      Owendale Angel -------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                       ~ Cusop Citizen
                                                             ~ Sir Percy Of Paxhall (IMP UK)---------------------
                                                                                       ~ Dyrin Graceful
                           ~ Owendale Gabrielle----------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                       ~ Fairway Justin
                                                             ~ Owendale Gaynor-------------------------------------
                                                                                       ~ Green Valley Princess

Owendale Angel Progeny : 
2009  Calca Park Andre  Chest Colt by Cherrington Damascus  ~ Dec in 2011, Struck by Lightening.
2011  Calca Park Angelique   Chestnut Filly by Tooravale Picasso       
Owendale Angel is seen very pregnant, 5 days before she foaled Angelique, she is a full sister
to Owendale Coco, and the Stallion Owendale Jordan. A half-sister to Owendale Gemma,
Owendale Chatsworth, Owendale Promise Me, Owendale Carolina, Owendale Gayanne and Stallion
Owendale Orange Grove. It was a huge disappointment that we lost Calca Park Andre, Angel's colt
by Cherrington Damascus, he showed great promise, very welsh conformation with beautiful action
and a flowing flaxen mane and tail as he galloped and played in his paddock. Owendale Angel
foaled a delightful filly Angelique by Tooravale Picasso in 2011, she is now broken-in enjoying
being ridden and also jumping with plans to be put in foal this 2013 stud season.

'Owendale Tigermoth' ~ Brown  Mare Section B

                                                                                               ~ Cusop Citizen
                                                 ~ Sir Percy Of Paxhall (IMP UK)-----------------------------------------------
                                                                                                ~ Dyrin Gracefull
                     ~ Owendale Black Forest--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                          ~ Baughurst William Of Orange (IMP UK)
                                                ~ Owendale Lemon Butter--------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                                  ~ Owendale Gwen
  Owendale Tigermoth -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                                 ~ Belvoir Zechin (IMP UK)
                                              ~ Congarinni Carillon----------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                                 ~ Belvoir Hollyhock (IMP UK)
                       ~ Hazelmere Rhayada-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                                  ~ Colbeach Firefly (IMP UK)
                                              ~ Hazelmere Melisssa----------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                                 ~ Weston Sugar and Spice (IMP UK)

Owendale Tigermoth's Progeny : 
2011   Calca Park Tinseltown   Palomino Colt by Owendale Sunstone     Section B
Owendale Tigermoth is seen above with her first foal only a few days old, she is out of Hazelmere
Rhayada, a very sucessful, well bred broodmare and by Owendale Black Forest who has Sir
Percy of Paxhall (IMP UK) on both sides of his pedigree, she is a full sister to Owendale
Roundabout and Owendale Allspice. Tigermoth is related to many amazing performance horses
being a half-sister to Hazelmere Willow, Hazelmere Xclusive, Hazelmere Yasmin, Radnor Walnut,
Owendale Contessa, Owendale William of Oz, Owendale Jessica and Owendale Sunburst. 
Also the amazing Stallions Radnor Bubbly, Radnor Wattle, Owendale Coconut, Owendale Firefly
and Owendale Inca. Owendale Tigermoth is now broken-in and going nicely under saddle.


'Karanga Maddison' ~Grey(born Palomino) Welsh Section B, Arabian Pony

                                                                                        ~ Downland Warrior (IMP UK)
                                                       ~ Imperial Juene  -----------------------------------------------
                                                                                        ~ Imperial Juliana
                          ~ Imperial Tennessee  --------------------------------------------- -------------------
                                                                                        ~ Downland Romance 
                                                       ~ Downland Titlark(IMP UK)  --------------------------------     
                                                                                        ~ Downland Decor 
Karanga Maddison ----------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
                                                                                        ~ Imperial Juene 
                                                       ~ Imperial Tennessee  ----------------------------------------
                                                                                        ~ Downland Titlark (IMP UK)
                                                ~ Karanga Minnesota -----------------------------------------------
                                                                                        ~ Boolara Gavin 
                                                       ~ Karanga Moondust  -----------------------------------------  
                                                                                        ~ Robin Hill Twiglett 
Karanga Maddison has the distinction of having a dam and grand-dam as Victorian Futurity
Winners,  Karanga Moondust and Karanga Minnesota. Karanga Moondust crossed with the
beautiful stallion Imperial Tennessee who won the Victorian Sires List three years in a row,
produced the lovely mare Karanga Minnesota, who also became a Victorian Futurity Winner.
It was then decided to use Imperial Tennesse over Karanga Minnesota to produce Karanga
Maddison, strenghtening the bloodlines she carries. Imperial Tennesse now resides in Western
Australia so we are pleased to have a small part of him here through Karanga Maddison.
A beautful young mare it is planned to breed her to Weston Park Mercury in the future.